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West Water Outlaws

The high energy rock ‘n’ roll band West Water Outlaws from Boulder, Colorado was formed in early 2010 playing parties in the basement of singer Blake Rooker’s house. During the mass explosion of DJ software and macbook pros, not many parties in Boulder featured live rock bands. The rock parties were a hit and the band began playing in bars and local clubs for a small fee of beer and food. All four members have a strong foundation in blues/rock music which many listeners recognize as a classic sound but each and every one of those listeners can tell you something unique and innovative about The Outlaws. In the mind of the band, rock and roll is not a passed genre that they are attempting to revive, yet a continuous staple of music that challenges them to evolve their writing style and develop their own creativity. “We’re just four guys playing instruments in the way that makes sense to us- the fact that it comes out rock and roll is completely separate.” – Will Buck. Since then, the Colorado favorite has sold out the Fox Theatre multiple times, headlined the Boulder Theater and shared the stage with national acts such as The Meter Men, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Jerry Joseph, Wild Feathers, Rival Sons, ALO, Assembly of Dust, The Stone Foxes, Rose Hill Drive, Dirty Sweet, and Dick Dale. The West Water Outlaws rocked over 150 shows nationally before the end of 2013 with their EP entitled Real Killer (2012) while simultaneously writing their first full length album. The band has always had a very open and diplomatic writing dynamic with each member as important and expressive as the other. There is no set formula to their writing process as Blake Rooker explains, “Some songs are brought to the table nearly completed, some spontaneously combust in a jam, some take months of scrutiny and some just come to us in the studio.”