Vo Williams

Vo Williams · READY SET
Vo Williams · I Am The One ft. DJ Ricky Luna

Vo Williams, is a Los Angeles based rapper, singer, songwriter, composer, and performer. He is an architect and pioneer of the emerging genre dubbed Epic Hip Hop, a sound widely used in Film. Growing up with a hunger for discovering new sounds and a love for creating, has made Vo’s sound a rich fusion of musical influences.
His passion is to create iconic powerful music with scale, vivid emotional tonality, and impact. Vo’s music has been synced repeatedly by brands such Play Station, Mercedes Benz, NBA and UFC. His music has been heard in Productions like Lethal Weapon, Empire, Ballers, and Atlanta, as well as in Games such as “Watch Dogs 2”, and “The Crew 2”.
Vo stands on the front lines of a revolution in Hip Hop for Film/TV, while boasting a career packed with a list of achievements.