VELLEV is a new music endeavor from Jordan Davis. Davis spent years touring the US and Europe as he fronted the indie-rock band Kingsfoil from PA.

“Those years helped shape my love of music and how much it means to me” says Davis.

In mid-2018, Davis relocated to Nashville, TN to rekindle collaboration with longtime friend and Kingsfoil producer, Dustin Burnett. Burnett, who’s artist moniker is Zayde Wolf, started a new record label called Morning Routine Collective and VELLEV is the first release under this new banner.

VELLEV, pronounced “V ella V,” drips of honest lyrics and pushes with inspirational indie-pop attitude. The first single, “Imagine It,” has the intimacy of a bedroom voice backed by a lush cinematic production. The debut single lays the ground for the sound of VELLEV.