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Trevor James Tillery

Trevor James Tillery, born in Indianapolis and raised in Phoenix, has traveled a winding road of self-discovery as an artist, which has been instrumental in making him who he is today. He played in various bands since he was young and moved between Phoenix, Seattle and Nashville before settling in Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue music under his own name for the first time. The musician, who came out as gay at age 25, recorded his dynamic, cathartic debut EP, In Moonlight, in early 2015 with longtime friend and producer Joshua D Niles. Trevor, who is inspired by risk-taking artists like Beck, Ryan Adams and Air, continues to expand on the songs as he performs live, building on the relatable nature of his thoughtful and emotionally expressive music. He will begin recording his debut full-length during the second half of 2015, continuing on his ongoing voyage of self-discovery.