The Spiritual Machines

A 6th generation Los Angelino composer / producer / musician, Evan Frankfort grew up a misfit in a family of classically trained musicians. Having played piano for as long as he can remember, it was always clear he would never be a virtuoso but it, like everything, would be part of his tool box. He started and played in lots of bands but would always count down the minutes until he could be back at work with his 4-track. In the 90’s, Evan co-founded a band called Gingersol and later Joined Maypole playing bass and then lap steel. In 1995, he won a Daytime Emmy for Guiding Light but stopped scoring to tour for a couple years with Maypole, The Wallflowers and the Jayhawks. It became clear that while most musicians make records so they can get out in front of an audience, Evan saw touring as a necessary evil to get back into the studio. Evan worked with many talented artists and bands including Rancid, Pete Yorn, The Bangles, Distillers, Turbonegro, Orson, The Muffs, The Plain White T’s, Missing Persons and Liz Phair. Evan and Liz have also scored a half dozen shows together including Swingtown, Beverly Hills 90210, In Plain Sight, The Client List and Super Fun Night. He composed the Theme and score of the first 2 seasons of CW’s The 100. Frankfort co-founded bands Les Friction, (using the pseudonym Nihl Finch), as well as founding Crimestopper, Melodine and The Spiritual Machines.