Anthony Tchako was born in Paris in 1996 and comes from an Albanian family of
musicians. He grew up in a environment which offered him the possibility to travel and
attend his mother’s (Inva Mula) performances in some of the greatest operas of the
world. He started piano classes at the age of 6 in the Russian Music Conservatory of
Paris, and later as a teenager, discovered new styles of music such as jazz and
improvisation, which naturally led him into the world of composition.

Having graduated from the conservatory in 2013, Anthony decided to continue his
studies in the field of International Politics in London, UK. However London’s nightlife,
clubs, concerts and musical edge inspired him to pursue his aspirations as musician, a
true calling. He registered to Point Blank and studied in music production where he
graduated in 2016, and subsequently moved back to Paris, determined to pave a path
and present his compositions to the world. He defines his musical style as a blend of
chill music, EDM, with urban vibes. His major influences are Martin Garrix, Avicii,
Calvin Harris, & Petit Biscuit to name a few.

This first single & video entitled “Alive” opens a door to Tchako’s world. The piano
tones introduce a form of dark romanticism, inherent to his personality and life story
mixed with electronic beats, patterns and spiked by addictive tribal screams that come
shake up the song’s vertebrae. An overall musical journey guaranteeing us to come
back for more. His debut EP was released in June 2019. Live performances in the US &
Europe scheduled for winter / spring 2020.