My new dub track


Tame is the vision of three guys to create something to respond to. It’s the vision to make you pound your fists on your chest, to make you get up on your feet and breathe life with every fiber of your body. Initially founded by drummer Matt and singer Bozi in early 2016, the two soon realized that sticking to a single genre won’t give wings to their vision. The outcome is a two song EP situated between a whole bunch of rock and hip-hop along with¬†ethnic¬†beats and blues elements. The EP has gained Tame a lot of attention from national and international radio stations as well as promoters. In the summer of 2016, Matt and Bozi decided to get another member aboard. With Carol taking over bass, they instantly started writing and producing their sophomore EP, which is anticipated for late Autumn 2016 and will be accompanied by a music video as well as Tame’s first live appearances.