Storm Circus

Storm Circus is an ode to the people I’ve met while playing music and a reach toward a simple sound with a sincere heart. Over the last 7 years I’ve toured the world, playing thousands of shows, being a part of countless festivals, rocking out at events east to west and all the lovely spaces in between. I’ve also been fortunate to have my songs played on over 30 network television shows in America and internationally. From the beginning, I’ve always created music that tries to draw a straight line from my heart to those of my fans. With the depth and moodiness of The Civil Wars, and the raw yet contemplative honesty of Bon Iver and Dashboard Confessional, Storm Circus is a dark folk project meant to resurrect the conversations I’ve had with fans and friends over the last few years. Bringing to the surface the things I’ve been through, heard and seen, and bringing a sense of dual ownership and community to my words, my lyrics are as much your stories as my own. I want to speak loudly, with simplicity, to create a soundtrack that plays in harmony with where I am as an artist and where we all are in everyday life. To that end, I try to make songs that are cinematic and raw, not masked by noise or production. Real, authentic and me.