Sophie Ann

Sophie Ann is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles with pop, jazz and soul roots. Since her debut single,”Flawless”, Sophie has found success in writing about her struggles with depression and love through motivational and anthemic pop.  Her followup single, “Read My Mind” spent weeks as a favorite on Radio Disney and even peaked the Top 3 (unheard of for an indie artist). Sophie has a naturally clear voice that she channels with her vocal jazz background into beautiful, solid vocal performances. The songs and collaborations for herself or for others have an exquisite quality of genre-blending, lyrical deep dives and pop sensible melodies. Her recent song “I Don’t Wanna Know” is about her past breakup and adds a haunting quality to her repertoire. Sophie is slated to release an EP, November 2019 that chronicles love to break up, rediscovery and overcoming.