My new dub track

Revolution, I Love You

Revolution, I Love You makes experimental alt-pop, merging fuzzy guitars and dramatic choruses with a backbone of live drums, electronic beats, and buzzing bass. Katrina Murray of The Key (WXPN) says, “Crunchy synth work and loud guitar riffs are central to Revolution, I Love You‘s modern twist on classic rock ‘n roll.” The band has been a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (2015) with the song “The Atlantic Ocean,” performed at NXNE (2015), and has a song “archived for posterity” in the British Library Sound Archive. High school friends Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds formed Revolution, I Love You in 2008. In 2014, the band welcomed Jeff Ormsby as their new drummer. The unconventional rock trio now fuses live drums onto an already eclectic sound. Lindgren says, “This will free us up to try a lot of new things. Stranger things, I hope.”