Nate Hall

Nate Hall is a 24-year-old year old singer-songwriter from Waterloo, Ontario. Equally comfortable with a guitar strapped on or gliding across a stage with just a microphone in hand, Hall’s personality explodes through his dynamic blend of pop and country music.

As a natural performer, a music career was the first choice for Nate, and it was an Xavier Rudd concert that opened his eyes to the power of a performer to affect lives; he left the concert thinking “I’ve got to do that!” He immediately threw himself into learning the guitar and song writing.

His first single “Things” was adopted by the Missing Children’s Society of Canada as a national campaign theme, and the song was released on iTunes with all the proceeds going to the Missing Children’s Society of Canada.

Hall’s next single “Keep Moving On” produced by Zubin Thakkar (Shawn Mendes, Kira Isabella, Suzie McNeil, Faber Drive) earned him the title of Bell Media Emerging Artist for the month. The song quickly climbed the Hot AC charts receiving major radio play across Canada. Keep Moving On was the most added song to Hot AC radio stations in its first week of release and Hall was also on the Billboard Emerging Canadian Artist chart, which highlights the top 30 emerging artists on digital sales and radio play weekly.