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Michael McEachern

After many misadventures in the mid-90’s piano lesson circuit, California grown pop singer-songwriter Michael McEachern recalls saying, “music’s stupid.” This was a big deal, considering the “S word” was a punishable offense in the McEachern household. After a time out in his room – and some time out from music, Michael jumped back into it head first in 2005, when in hopes of wooing a certain brown eyed high school crush, he began teaching himself how to play drums, guitar, and piano. Upon moving to Nashville, TN in 2009, Michael released his first single, “What’s Inside,” and began making a name for himself. With buttery-smooth vocals and a soulful pop sound comparable to artists such as John Mayer and Dave Barnes, there is no doubt that Michael’s music has a wide appeal that you can’t help but get caught up in.