Maren Hill

With a soulful voice beyond her years, Maren Hill is a singer-songwriter, actress, and recent midwestern transplant to Los Angeles.  Her outward appearance might lead to surprise when Maren opens her mouth to reveal an unapologetic sound that is truly her own: a tasteful blend of jazz, R&B/neo-soul, blues, and a tinge of folk in a modern-vintage aesthetic a la Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Jorja Smith, and Brittany Howard.  All of this, paired with pop sensibility in cleverly crafted lyrics and melodies that are deeply personal yet universally relatable, creates an instant connection with her audience.  Drawing from her own experiences and detailed outward observation, she conveys both simple and complex human emotions with a powerful vulnerability that establishes trust in each listener.  With a sound that is honest yet accessible, Maren is gaining friends and fans with her candid, fluid, and poetic songwriting.