My new dub track

Map & Scout

Map and Scout is the musical playground of Los Angeles songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer C.M. Rodriguez. Combining synthesizers and dreamy guitars, with floor toms, claps and shouted group vocals, Rodriguez blends indie sensibilities with pop melodies. 

The side project thus far has been a hodgepodge guerrilla affair, recorded in friends apartments, houses, and garages all over the city. What started with a simple anthemic single, “We Are the Sunshine” quickly bloomed into a five song self-titled ep in early 2016. Map and Scout’s latest single “All that We Are” shifts from the dreamy synth haze of early songs to thick powerful guitar chords. As the project musically progresses and evolves the lyrical focus remains the same: friendship, love, optimism, and finding joy in life’s smaller moments.

Rodriguez hopes to have a Map and Scout full-length ready for release in 2017