Lybecker is a three piece Alt-Rock band. They aim to melt faces but hit the mark with upbeat, dancy, midtempo, poprock. No one could ever blame Lybecker for not working hard enough. They set out on a journey 4 years ago to make music and travel the country sharing it with others. They left their homes and the comfort of making a paycheck and traded it in for a 1998 Ford Econoline. That van now has over 330,000 miles on it. The stories that Lybecker can tell you about the shows they’ve played could fill a book. Some really good, a few terribly funny, and hundreds and hundreds of shows that they cherish. It’s hard to call just one place home because in the last 4 years they have gained lifelong friendships all over the country. Honestly, wherever the van is parked is where they call home. Lybecker has worked extremely hard to get people to take notice. They continue to try and learn more and become a stronger, better version of themselves. With the release of “wild hearts don’t stop” they believe they have made the truest version of the band to date.