Dallas-based electro-pop artist Jordana creates an epic soundscape that pulsates with energy and world-class vocal delivery. With her new single, Broken Boxes, she is once again living up to the high standards she has set for herself. Produced by Dallas hit maker Geoff Rockwell, Broken Boxes offers fans a taste of her forthcoming album, due for release in September 2016:“I wrote Broken Boxes at a time when I felt overwhelmed and stuck in my head and I was second-guessing everything. I wrote this song as a way to try and break through all of that… a song that is cinematic and emotional, with a sense of hope.”

Drawing from alternative pop acts such as Broods, Chvrches and Grouplove, Broken Boxes is a clear departure from her 2014 debut EP, Jordana. Being less poppy and more purpose-driven, Jordana celebrates her personal transformation:

“While writing and singing this song I felt that I was coming into my true self. I now feel lighter and full of freedom. I hope that anyone who hears it will feel the same and know that the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.”

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jordana left home at an early age to pursue her dream of becoming an American pop star. Settling in Dallas at the age of seventeen, she did performances throughout Texas before featuring in the national reality series The Next on the CW TV Network. Jordana has worked with producers such as Grammy-nominated Carmen Rizzo and she is in high demand as a session singer in Dallas, her voice often being heard in stings for radio shows across the USA.