Joe Wood

My songs process my feelings of nostalgia, and the passion and desire I have buried deep inside to take risks and break free from the comfort of the past,” confides indie-pop songwriter Joe Wood. 

 Joe shrouds his lyrics in a wash of dreamy synthscapes, jagged guitars, rugged hip-hop beats, and sharp pop hooks. His words capture the mania, anxiety, and alienation of being a 20-something artist in New York City. His addictive pop sensibility is like an opiate, tranquilizing the jittery effects of heartbreak and disappointment. 

Joe counts The Neighborhood, Majid Jordan, Blackhear, HERO, and Allan Rayman as influences. He writes, produces, tracks, and performs his cinematic electro-pop pop in his apartment studio in Brooklyn. He brings a homespun DIY approach to his tracks nurtured from his early trial and error experiments splicing together hip-hop samples when he was in middle school and high school. Therefore, Joe favors a limited toolkit of affordable gear, stock synth sounds, drum samples, and a guitar to build his richly layered pop compositions. 

Coming of age, Joe spent many years lost, channeling his creativity into frustrating and ill-fitting directions. Eventually, he moved to New York City from his quaint Long Island hometown to become an actor. That’s when things all changed. “When I moved here, I started to write music from the heart as a way to deal with my fears of not being successful, and my fears of being alone and lost in this huge city,” he shares. 

Unlike many bedroom visionaries, Joe is an unabashed natural performer. “Sitting in front of the computer meticulously producing tracks is not exciting for me,” he says with a good-natured laugh. “My favorite place to be is onstage. There, there is no filter and there is no insecurity—onstage is where I show people who I really am.”