IVESY is the creative project of Nashville based UK songwriter Paula Winger in collaboration with coproducers/writers. After penning many pop songs for other talented artists, dozens of television shows and having a successful career as a songwriter for several years, IVESY became the perfect outlet for the darker, lusher side of the music that was waiting to be written. “Nightmare” is a haunting and cinematic first original release scheduled for May 2019 and was co-written and produced with the duo BHAVIOR. It follows the release of “Shout”, an urgent and unique interpretation of the Tears For Fears hit and will debut on the Marvel comics show Cloak and Dagger in May 2019. This was the first song to feature IVESY, inspired in the studio with Nashville producer Dustin Burnett after a day of writing. A preview of some of the songs in the making for 2019 reveals the mixing of at times ethereal vocals with unapologetically dramatic beats and evocative production.