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HEWAN is an Ethiopian-American singer-songwriter from the Bay Area, California. Her music pulls from many genres: neo soul, folk, and indie rock. HEWAN’s authentic lyrics, hooky melodies, and veracious voice blend into a refreshing experience. HEWAN fell in love with the raw and uplifting messages of Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and India Arie’s “Acoustic Soul” at a young age. Soulful, honest melodies carried HEWAN through all the challenges she faced as the child of Ethiopian immigrants. Her family’s emphasis on succeeding as first-generation Americans combined with her natural introversion led HEWAN to keep her musical gift to herself. In college, HEWAN found a creative outlet by writing songs on a single string of her first guitar. After earning her B.S. in Business Marketing at San Jose State University, HEWAN fulfilled her family’s dreams by landing a job at a top Silicon Valley tech company. However, working in a cubicle left HEWAN with a void–one that could not be filled with paychecks or promotions. Grammy-winning songwriter Tiffany Fred exposed HEWAN to the world of professional songwriting, reawakening HEWAN’s love of music. HEWAN spontaneously left her corporate job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the passion she had put on the back burner so long ago. HEWAN enrolled in the Songwriting School of LA to develop beyond her single-string guitar playing. In 2014, HEWAN released her debut EP called “When the Music Stops Playing.” It’s a collection of alternative R&B songs that build on HEWAN’s purpose as an artist: to encourage listeners to live fearlessly and authentically. HEWAN’s musical journey is one that has challenged her to the core, from resetting her upbringing and teaching her not to fear failure. She wants to inspire listeners to overcome obstacles, take risks, and be their true selves.