LYRICHOUSE · Harlor - Letting You Down
LYRICHOUSE · Harlor - Not Ready To Go

HARLOR is a duo comprised of Singer/Songwriter Nick Bianco and Producer Maxwell Harlor. Nick is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and Max from Cincinatti, OH. The two began making music together after meeting in the Fall of 2015 , during their freshman year at the University of Dayton.

After graduating from the University of Dayton, the duo were discovered by the production team Katalyst (Consisting of Ken Lewis & Brent Kolatalo). Katalyst has helped HARLOR develop their sound and already make strong impressions across industry, before their first official release.

HARLOR is currently preparing for their official launch, with their first release set for summer of 2020. As independent group, Nick and Max have written and produced an arsenal of songs with a versatile sound that lends both to Urban and Pop genres. HARLORʼs unique sound and boundless genre can promise a wide audience will know them in the coming years.