My new dub track


With swagger, soul, and sonic savoir-faire, Duncan is far beyond versatile.”Light Up the Sky” fueled the trailer for the 2011 hit film, New Year’s Eve, and was a centerpiece of the soundtrack. Most importantly, the track introduces the world to Duncan and everything that’s in store on his forthcoming full-length debut album. He realized that there could be synergy between those two extremes. While in his teens, he joined an underground rap group and began accruing musical equipment bought by his part-time job at Sears. Soon, the budding performer had a full studio at home, and he could record anything on his own, which he did. Traditional hip-hop felt limiting though, so he turned to what came natural. Relocating to Miami, he was able to siphon those influences into a sound of his own. Duncan was presented with the opportunity to jet to L.A. in order to cut “Light Up the Sky”. In two short days, he nailed it, and a hyper infectious anthem was born. Every show is truly an experience for his audience. Duncan already shared the stage with everyone from Asher Roth, Mike Posner, and Method Man to IYAZ, Flo Rida, and Gnarls Barkley.