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COASTLWOLF is the alias for New York grown singer/songwriter, Justin Morrell, who was inspired to dig into music after his mother introduced him to Michael Jackson’s hit single, “Bad.” His story is relatable to anyone who has felt pressure to put their dreams on the back burner to pursue what others may consider the American Dream— a nine to five, a routine, and mundane stability. After recording a full length album with the pop/rock ensemble Permanent Me (Island/Def Jam), Justin had a taste of the tour life, opening for bands such as Cartel, Boys Like Girls, and Fall Out Boy.

        It didn’t take long for Justin to realize that this newfound, cut throat scene wasn’t for him— tangible artistic tension, predictable partying, and the relentless pressure to succeed as a unit finally came to a peak. Justin parted ways with the band and set out on his own in 2008, Los Angeles bound. Although his solo career was fruitful in the sense that he garnered attention from big names in high places, the ball stopped rolling just as soon as it had started. Justin was left in a state of humbling defeat after his first solo venture grew stagnant. His family began to pressure him to quit his dreams of making music to pursue a more conventional lifestyle. After spending four years toiling away at a dream that wasn’t his, Justin returned to his passion for making music with his revamped project, dubbed COASTLWOLF. COASTLWOLF breaks away from the pop/rock mold and delivers a sexy, unforgettable vibe.