Black Prez

As a well known artist in Colorado’s rap scene, Black Prez has been blessing the mile high city with clever lyrics, witty punchlines, and catchy singles for years. This young artist is determined on taking the world by storm while still remembering where he came from. It takes about 3 hundredths of a second for the human eye to blink, and in that time Black Prez will have made a name for himself in the rap game and won your respect for his music. After a couple years Black Prez began making his own music within his home. With the help of producers such as Concept and Jomeezius, Black Prez also began collaborating with other local artists. Soon after this, Black Prez also began holding live performances around the map. Through performing, Black Prez combined forces with his DJ, T-Bone Scarpone. Together they have graced the stage alongside artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, E40, New Boyz, Young Buck, Talib Kweli, and Warren G to name a few.