My new dub track


“I am not just a singer, a producer, or a beatmaker, I am an artist and I believe that it is my responsibility to push the creative limits in order for my listeners to connect with me on another level,” says Alejandro. This Los Angeles based Artist has learned to use his bitter sweet melodies, rock driven instruments and hip hop influenced grooves to relate with fans who need a distraction from ordinary life. Through his Mexican-American upbringing, Alejandro was raised to want to make a difference in this world; he is determined to usher in a new wave of music and become an influence in the industry.

Alejandro started producing in 2013 and gained attention by placing songs on many sports campaigns and TV commercials. He has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Big Sean, Sia, Imagine Dragons, NeYo and many more. He has now decided to pursue his own solo career.