Teen Mom

"Fire In My Veins" / "Brighter Days" / "Keep On Standing Strong" / "Good Things (Gonna Get Better)" / "Savior" / "I Never Learn" / "Breathing Oxygen" / "Billionaires"

by Lauren Monogold / Marie Miller / Randall Kent / STØNE x FJØRA / Viv and the Revival / Zayde Wolf

featured in MTV's Teen Mom 16 & Pregnant! 

“Fire In My Veins” by Lauren Monogold, “Brighter Days” by Marie Miller, “Keep On Standing Strong” by Randall Kent, “Good Things (Gonna Get Better)” by STØNE x FJØRA, “Savior” and “I Never Learn” by Viv and the Revival, and “Breathing Oxygen” and “Billionaires” by Zayde Wolf are featured in MTV’s Teen Mom 16 & Pregnant!