My new dub track


TRACE is lonely, with a beat.

Growing up as the daughter of a Vietnamese Pop Star, music existed as a way of life for TRACE, and for her mother, a life long career. It never crossed TRACE’s mind that she would follow in those footsteps. Her mom is too thrilled.  

She moved to LA to pursue a career at a magazine, but a desire to be more authentic kept her uneasy and coincidentally in search for something more. One night, after a few IPAs, a friend suggested she start making music. Writing music happened so naturally, but she never envisioned turning it into something for people to listen to. Soon after, TRACE performed for the first time in her friends backyard to a small group of close family and friends friends. Their response helped her launch a Kickstarter to begin her EP. Never to waste a second, she began to write and record, doing everything from her home, making a studio out of her bathroom. 

She left her promising career as an Editor at a magazine behind in 2015 and fell into music full time. TRACE has made quite the impression since. In March of 2015, she released her first single and music video, Heavy Shoulders. The track was featured on Odesza’s No Sleep mix that summer and collected 50K views on YouTube. The success seemed almost effortless. She spent the next year gaining an understanding of the industry and developing her own sound. During this time, her influences creatively both in sound and performance have been Marian Hill, James Blake, Lorde and of course, Drake. She’s developed a sound that echos synth beats with pop lyrics. In the fall, she fell in love on stage, performing more frequently including the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles and Chris Douridas’s (KCRW) School Night. TRACE released Honey exactly a year after Heavy Shoulders in March of 2016, which has since has collected over 600K plays on Spotify. The full EP will be released summer of 2016. In the meantime, she spends a majority of her time in the studio, only to leave for a blind date here and there to fuel her inspiration. Her accomplishments this last year alone should speak to the potential TRACE will have in her life-long career as an artist.