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Most young female singers of today get their start on YouTube playing acoustic covers of hits and idolizing figures like Marilyn Monroe — this is opposite of up-and-coming singer/songstress Sage, who instead pulls her musical inspiration from Michael Jackson and emo-rock royalty groups like My Chemical Romance. This makes for the perfect mix of sophisticated pop music with equal parts darkness and edge and all millennial magic.

While other young ladies are working to look like The Kardashians, Sage instead spends afternoons morphing herself into a deer or zombie using her expert level (and self-taught) special FX makeup techniques, while watching a gory horror movie or two. And where other artists would rely on a fashion stylist, or creative director to guide them for photo shoots and appearances — Sage chooses her own concepts and themes, in addition to collaborating and writing her own songs and lyrics — truly making for a young renaissance creative, who simply knows exactly what she wants to say.

As her first foray in the entertainment industry, Sage starred in National TV commercials for Nickelodeon, Verizon, Honda, Famous Footwear and more, and has also appeared in multiple web series and even a virtual reality game. Even with her acting success, Sage always knew she wanted to be a musician, having learned to play guitar and piano as a child, and has managed to use her acting to guide her songwriting. Sage says, “Acting has helped me put into music my ability to place myself in another person’s mindset. My songs are often about being a crazy party girl, and I am definitely not that – at least, not yet! I’m interested in finding strength in all experiences and environments.”

Sage has released singles throughout 2016, but was still in the process of fine-tuning her sound and taste as a musician. With her first EP set to release this year, Sage is excited to share her music to empower others: “I’m very excited for my EP because I feel like I’ll finally be able to showcase who I really am and what I’m all about.”

With early support from Galore magazine where the video for her first single, “Rotten,” from the EP premiered, the magazine noted her music “serves up that melodic infectious pop sound that we love so much.”

With her next single set to send yet another strong message, “YoPro,” (meaning young professional) Sage let’s those around her know that she means business: “I consider myself a “young professional” since I take what I do seriously. It’s almost as if once people know your age, they change their opinion of you. To debunk this myth, I created YoPro.”

Sage worked alongside Producer Brad Hooks, who has produced for many young stars of FREEFORM fame, including the on-screen music of The Late Revival (David Lambert), Ashley Argota, and Jordan Rodriquez, who star on “The Fosters.”

Sage has set the stage to be the queen of edge-y millennial pop with a message to never settle, know what you want and follow your dreams. She’s the quintessential renaissance millennial, singing topical soon-to-be chart topping dark pop from a place of truth and empowerment.