My new dub track

Jon Cresswell

Music is not why I became a musician. I love music, connect with music, and am empowered by music but music is not why I became a musician. Last year I was challenged to think a little deeper about what a successful life looks like. A question probably not a lot of 21 year old’s take time to think about. Legacy? There’s plenty of time to write that story. Right? Sure, but why wait? Time is a currency more precious than gold. And when your time is up, it’s up. What do you take with you? Nothing. That’s when I realized life was never about me, and taking what I want. It’s about what you give away and how you give it away. I decided to become a musician not for what I can get, but instead for what I could give away. Each lyric I sing resonates some part of me, some story, some emotion, some adventure that I’ve survived. I want to change the world with the stories I tell and I want to love and encourage people who are in the darkest places of their lives with songs that breath life into their hearts