My new dub track

End of Ever

Where do you find the End Of Ever? Whether your search takes you to the hypnotic ambience of a Sunset Strip night club or the psychotropic sanctuary of stereo headphones, you’ll find End Of Ever right where you need it most: between your ears. The Inside Out, the LA pop band’s robust, eleven song LP, heralds the emergence of five young artists driven to excellence by a shared passion for creating inspired, approachable music. Infusing elements of soul, rock, and pop, End Of Ever’s songs are the vibrant product of the collaboration of musicians influenced by a multitude of music genres. From “Where You’ve Been” to “Shut My Eyes” the LP is an emotional journey of longing, doubt, resolution and decision. Vocalist Dahni Piro’s sultry voice rises above a tsunami of haunting melodies created by keyboardist Richard Parizer, guitarist Brian Stead, bass guitarist Michael Sklena, and percussionist Jesse Shadis. Shadis, who co-produced the band’s EP at his Everrok Records studio, is impressed by the group’s diversity, versatility and work ethic.